Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Raw Veggies

Having trouble following my acupuncturist's instructions...of course that actually means I am being a perfectionist and over critical of always.
I ate cheese today and some raw veggies...
I am supposed to refrain from dairy and raw veggies for a week as part of my treatment for stagnant liver qi.
Don't you know, the moment you are forbidden to eat something - THAT is the one morsel that will trully satisfy you. We almost never have fresh veggies in the house (though more often lately...which I have enjoyed).
Tonight Hubby came home with some broccoli and cauliflower; then he mixed up a nice mild ranch dip, cut up some dried Italian sausage and some fancy Italian cheese and wanted to have a tasting plate for our dinner...
RAW veggies! for dinner! It is like the veggies knew they were off limits and like ninja assassins, they found a way into my home, and onto a plate with dip!
I LOVE raw veggies and dip...preferably hummus (oh, did I mention he also brought me home some hummus for garlic addicts...he knows me so well). To be fair, he does not know about my recent instructions to avoid these things, and he is trying to shop for healthy things that I like.

OK, tomorrow is another day. I shall do my best to refrain from dairy and raw veggies. I shall choose not to think about dairy and raw veggies the way a dog thinks about a hamburger. I shall avoid, people, places and things that might make me succumb to raw veggies - OMG! I just remembered that I had a half a sub yesterday with cheese and lettuce, tomatoes, onions and pickles on it! Shoot! My spirit is willing, my qi is stagnant and my ability to choose is weak...sign.

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