Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Wind and Gratitude

Old Man Winter has woken up and it seems he is in a bad mood!

Early this morning the birds and squirrels were attacking the feeders - even sharing space on the biggest one with the most delectable sunflower seeds.
Right now, all the critters are hopefully snug in their nests because the winds are blowing like it is the end of the world.
Let me tell Chicago a thing or two while I am thinking of it....The "Windy City" has got NOTHING on us. I am so grateful to the original builder of my funny little cottage. He understood the need for protection from the wind. Do to a clearing in the state park directly across from us, our house is directly in the path of the wind from the lake. Most of the time that is a bonus. I love the wind. I love the way it cools the skin and ruffles the leaves...I have done a few journal pages on the wind...didn't realize I had done so many until a friend pointed it out...ah self knowledge....

BUT...this wind....this once a year - break your windows, tear your doors off their hinges and peel the shingles off the roof wind....our little broad-side ranch just stands here and takes it and keeps us toasty warm...sometimes even too warm.
Well it depends on who you ask.
Since I have stagnant damp liver qi - I think it gets too hot in the bed room and Hubby thinks I am a drama queen. I tell him to put on a sweater when he complains I have the house too cool....ah..married bliss.

The house was built in several parts. The first part we believe was built in the 40's and may have started life as a hunting shack. My friend says she remembers being a little girl and coming here on Halloween and there was only that single room and the add on trailer that is now our kitchen. I have it on good authority that there is film footage of the day they pulled the trailer out of the house and framed in the space and turned it into our kitchen. My friend "The Mole" who has been under the oldest parts of the house says it is certainly "North Country" construction.
We were living in the house for at least six months before we discovered that the sink was not plumbed into the septic - or anywhere else for that matter. It terminated on the exterior of the wall by the sink, with a three inch piece of PVC pipe open to the world, and dumping out the dirty sink water on the ground. We moved in during winter so we didn't know this little tidbit until Spring when I had the windows open and was doing dishes and when I turned the water off at the sink I heard running water outdoors. I could not believe what I had discovered. I could not believe someone had sold us a house without telling us about this. I could not believe someone had lived here all their long lives and dumped their sink water out on the ground outside the kitchen.

Well, at least our roof didn't blow off. YET.
Someone down the road from us lost their roof today...A tin roof on a big three story farm house, just blew off one wing of the house...It was like something out of the Wizard of Oz.
I am also grateful for our generator that runs on propane and has been our silent companion and noisy savior more than once. Last Spring we lost power for three days and the generator just kept on running. Very satisfying to have that large investment be so rewarding.

Small persons should not travel beyond their doors without a rope tied securely around their middle, in case they should be picked up by the wind...
In this case, I think it is a really good idea.

OK..I got to go turn down the heat.

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