Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Stimulus Act and Me

I am tired of people telling me the Stimulus Act has been a failure.
I am here to tell you about a real American who has been helped by the Stimulus

My husband has been unemployed for a long long time (banking industry) and because of the ARRA his unemployment insurance has been extended and the monthly cost of our COBRA insurance coverage was almost cut in half (still almost $300 a month).

Because of the Stimulus Act, my husband's unemployment insurance pays him alittle more money that I make in my full time job.
Because of the Stimulus Act, capital projects at my job have been funded which will allow me to do some extra work and earn extra money.

Jobs are really scarce out here in rural America. I am sure this is true in most areas that do not have the economic infrastructure of a major metropolitan city nearby....of course one of the reasons I love it here is that there is no major metropolitan city nearby...

These are just a few examples of how these policies have helped a real family.

I just watched President Obama speak with the Republicans at their retreat and I am so proud to have such a smart president. And he made all his points make sense! No double talking in dodging the questions! It was so refreshing.

I have a loving family that helps us, I have friends and a job...and these policies directly help my family.
It is a hard time for us, and there are so many people that are worse off.

Sometimes I sit in a coffee shop or my office and people feel free to mouth off (loudly) and complain and tell me how the world is a mess and the President is to blame. (WHY is it some people feel so comfortable spewing their toxic opinions, at full volume, all over others?)
I sit there politely and hold my tongue, wondering why the offender can not do the same.

I don't like to argue...especially if I don't have specific facts to back up my opinions. Well these are my specific facts and I wanted to speak up.