Monday, March 22, 2010

Brrrrr and the whisper of snow and Mouse Catching

Flying Squirrel World

Yesterday we had a low temperature of 21 degrees.....wind chill of minus 1......
They said it would snow but it didn't.
Thank goodness!
I am ready for Spring, jumping for Spring, happy for Spring, loving the Spring.

I am painting and walking and taking a Reiki class and enjoying the extended sunshine.
This morning I moved my painting supplies over to the kitchen window (see above) and enjoyed painting in the sunshine while watching my fabulous friends out in the trees and garden.

Zsa Zsa caught a mouse this morning!
It was very exciting!
She was hunting in the entrance hall and she caught my eye while I was making coffee.
I saw a little gray blur and she chased it and pounced!
I was so shocked I screamed!
She dropped it and the mouse ran like a flash into the bathroom. Z followed the mouse and I followed both and closed the door. I grabbed the trashcan Z grabbed the mouse. I tried go get her scruff so she would drop it in the trashcan but we missed.
The mouse ran around the toilet and made a dash for the door, and without thinking I reached out and grabbed it and dropped it in the trashcan. It was so quick I barely thought about it...
If I HAD thought about it, it would not have gone so smoothly.

Now the tricky part was walking outside, across the street and releasing the mouse into the woods. The distance is not bad, but the bloomers I had on, did not have adequate elastic remaining and one hand was holding the trash can, the other was holding the magazine over the lid of the can, and the other hand (what, you didn't know I had three hands?) was trying to grab the bloomers before they ended up around my knees and my neighbors got more than they bargained for. HA!
Success...I got the mouse safely on the ground - he or she looked uninjured but stunned. Dropped a stick on the ground near him, and he took off under the leaves.

When I got back to the house, Zsa Zsa was pumped! She was pacing back and forth like a tiger...practically snorting! She had tasted mouse and wanted more!!!

Time to sleep...and dream of Spring!
Have sparkling dreams.

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