Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Different Degrees

The temperatures this morning went from 33 degrees when I was at my desk at 9am to 46 degrees now, when I was getting ready for lunch. At least that is what the temperature on my computer said. It was bright and sunny and clear and a perfect day that is a little gift to us for surviving the bleak economy and the winter.
I went for a delightful walk at lunch. I felt like a big sun flower, turning my head to feel the sun on my face as I went around the block.

At the end of the day my thermometer at my desk said 57 degrees.....LIES!
I walked out to the car and had to put my coat on. The car thermometer said 48 degrees. Could it be nearly ten degrees difference here on the lake than over by the airport (8 miles away?) humph. I was a bit put out...but it was still sunny and lovely and more Springtime than we usually get this time of year.

I am a bit cranky because I am a feeling a bit stuck in my art.
Want to do something...but nothing is coming.
Had a great night gluing last night, even did a tiny bit of writing because I forced myself.
Had a great night painting the night before - have actually had some fun making backgrounds, but it seems when I get done with them, I don't want to do anything else to those beautiful pages. Mom said that was OK and I could be done with the page any time I wanted to.
But I have itchy fingers....they want to create something really good with lots of layers and delicious colors and interesting scraps and intricate deep images just beyond the reach of consiousness.
But no, they are stuck in first gear - a bit afraid of messing up a page in one of my nice journals! Afraid of making something that is not good enough to scan and show off!
Afraid of not doing something as interesting as the art I have been looking at on line. AH fear...the great creativity neutralizer!

I wrote something good today. I went for a walk after lunch, around the block of this wonderful old village...without a coat...under the clear blue sky and stronger than normal sunshine. I took note while I walked because I was so enchanted and knew I would want to write about it. I wrote my Mom (still in the draft folder) and when I got home I didn't feel like I had the energy to take it on as a full fledged art journal entry. Didn't do much at all to tell the truth...my knee was hurting and I had it up on pillows...nothing serious but it felt difficult to get in a comfortable art making position...
humph again.

So I am posting an old piece that was really a scrap until I scanned it and fell in love with it again.

That's it for today...I'm going off to look in on Dirty Footprints Studio to see what is up.
Have a sparkling night.

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