Saturday, March 13, 2010

Wow! brain is overflowing! I just visited Dirty Footprints Studio and had my mind expanded and my eyes thrilled and my heart jump started!
Art and dance and a creative juicy life!

I am so grateful to the internet and the people who use it to spread the amazing gifts of humankind.
When I was in graduate school I studied art and dance and how it communicated what was happening in a culture and the big shared psychological events in a culture, like WW2 in Japan and the survivors after the atomic the Pearl Harbor Bombings...big events, pre internet, that were landmarks in people's lives, and that were shared across the population.

My studies were done at a time when the internet was just coming to the desks of real people - no pictures yet, just words and connections and the ability to search for documents and ideas.
I did my graduate work in NYC and had the best libraries, in the English speaking universe, available to me.

I spent ALOT of time on line, looking through the catalog for the Performing Arts Library at Lincoln Center. (Did I mention this was all DIAL UP?)
At that time you couldn't watch movies on the internet so I made lists of what I wanted to watch and put them on hold before I traveled up town with my list and my notebooks.

I couldn't watch Nureyev perform on my computer at home. There were no DVDs. Video tapes were not loaned out and were not cheap if they were available at all. It sounds like I was living in an ancient times...

Because I was in NYC, I also got to see ALOT of live performances....local talent and some of the most history making dancers in the world.
I had no idea how lucky I was.

Now I am applying to teach anthropology at the local college and I realized how much is available to me at the touch of a button. What a wealth of videos and scholarly reasearch!

So much knowledge - so little time!

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