Sunday, May 16, 2010

I have wanted to paint outdoors for years!

I bought a camp table at Gander is very light and very cheap and very easy to set up and take down and now I have something I can move in and out and paint on...splatter on...and glue to my heart's content.
Our weather has been so beautiful- I wanted to take advantage of it and be out in it rather than just on the porch. Plus I can't splatter and fling paint the way I want to if I am in on the least, not if I value my marriage.I started this piece today...lots of lovely splatters made by the Wild Woman of Lake Ontario!

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linda said...

Hi Gertrude! Just wanted to say thank you for your input on my blog and it's so fabulous you can paint outside! No need to worry about splashing on the walls for sure :) I love your circles, they look so cool :) I always need a guide or something otherwise my circles turn out to be amorphous blobs!