Saturday, June 12, 2010

Fish or Fowl?

I live on this beautiful country road where only trees and clouds come between me and the sky. On the night I took this picture (with my sexy new phone) I was walking with Murphy after work and wanted to capture the fading light o the warm summer evening. Don't know that this picture does it justice. It was light enough that I didn't need a flashlight, but dark enough to see the first stars. It was warm enough I didn't need a jacket and cool enough I didn't have to change out of my work clothes....and just a touch of a breeze. I love the wind...and where I live there is almost always a bit of wind...sometimes quite a bit of wind.
This night I asked myself, if I could fly or be invisible, what would I choose...well, I cheated really, because this is an old question and I already knew I would choose to fly. But the next question....if I could choose to fly like a bird, or swim like a fish, what would I choose?
This is much harder to answer. I have always enjoyed swimming. Last summer was the first summer in my memory that I did not swim. It was too cold (this was also the general concensus in the North Country...last summer was Too Cold)
When I was young I practiced holding my breath and swimming underwater. I longed to be a mermaid...I wore goggles and played diving and retrieving games, I was always in the water when given an option.

But this day, walking down my beautiful road, I longed for the sky. I desired to feel the wind lifing my arms, ruffling my feathers...I wanted to feel the blue of the sky and look down on the world from a great height (I hate heights).

This day the wind won over the water.
I am looking forward to my next dip in Beaver Lake.
Till then, keep sparkling!
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