Monday, April 11, 2011

I have been working on printing with craft foam stamps that I have made myself. The blackbird is an example. The fern is a commercial stamp and the flower is one I carved in an eraser.
I have an art journal that I have incorporated a bird silhouette onto ever was fun trying to hide her and use her in different ways.

I am crazy about blackbirds because of the way they hop around and act all tough, but are really just nervous and afraid. If I clang a pot in my kitchen they will all fly away. I know they are smart because of studies I have read, but I think my blackbirds are less smart. They should know by now that I am their friend and feeder, but NOOOOO...they flap away, and caw to warn the others that I am in the yard, when I just want to admire them.

I have been working all winter on printing and painting and if I ever get my scanner working again I will post more soon!

Till then, have a Sparkling Spring!