Friday, March 30, 2012

Oh my! What a day!

Oh my goodness! I have had quite an emotional 12 hours!

Miniature Pinscher (female) IS HOME!
  • Date Posted:03/29/12
DescriptionThe female Min Pin has found her Mommy and they are happily reunited.
Thanks to all who helped look.
Thanks to Newzjunky and Ebay Classifieds.
Ad ID: 18152293

I am the unofficial dog manager in our village. I am the unofficial everything actually...comes with the job of being clerk. I like that I can help so many people, but I have a hard time dealing with the dogs.

I love dogs. I love all animals.
I cried for an hour when I was not able to find the owner, or anyone who could take the dog over night. (eventually got a local vet to shelter her for the night). The thought of sending the dog to the pound wrecked me!

I would never be able to work in a vet's office.

Every Spring, dogs break loose through worn out fences, people come to town and let them off leash and they run away after a squirrel, or some low life leaves a box of puppies in someone's front yard...and every year I get calls to say that a dog has been seen running loose on So and So street.

What do I do?
I have a small network of dog owners that I call (I never knew I had so many Min Pins in the area till I started this last project)
And now I have a board member who is married to a vet (hallelujah!) but there is no assistance of any kind that is designated for dog management.
The County will not come out and get a dog unless it is injured or a threat to someone (even then they say we have to keep it for 24 hours)
So what is a bleeding heart dog lover to do?

Since I was able to get the dog overnight accomodations, I put an ad on Craig's List, I told the dog warden about the animal, in case the owner called and got the local news web site to post a link.

Even though it all went well, I feel like I am still recovering from the trauma of worrying about this lost dog.
She was so sweet. Whoever she was with, she attached herself.
The man who brought her to me, said she just jumped right into his car, and when he left my office, she tried to go with him.
Some friends took her to see if she had been chipped and she road along happily with them, and wanted to go with them, when they had to leave.
And when I brought her to the vet for overnight care, she leaned up against me, and put her nose in my elbow, and psychically asked me not to leave her...she had been left too many times today.
I am crying now!

So as you can see, I am too soft hearted when it comes to animals.


Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Greetings! It has been quite a while since I last posted. Now it is Spring in Northern New York. We had two weeks of 75 degree weather, and last night we dropped down to 13...
Yes, 13 degrees.
Nothing like the violent mood swings of Mother Nature.

Last night the stars were sparkling, why do they always seem so much brighter when the temperature is below freezing? I am sure there is a scientific explanation but I prefer to think of it as magic.

I love my night time walks in the dark. Even when I lived in Staten Island, I liked to walk in the dark. Now of course, it is better since I live out in the country.

When I was young, I learned to walk through the pitch black woods with my flashlight, on mild summer nights in the Adirondacks. Nights when I watched stars form the milky way, the one magic night I saw the Northern Lights and the magic of seeing tiny satellites drift through the starry sky.