Wednesday, August 15, 2012


They said yes!  I can't believe it, but they said yes, and now I will have an art studio where I can keep all my stuff in one place and leave things out to be worked on when I return, and have a table big enough to do big things!

Hubby is not sure I am going to like being away from home, but I am definitely going to like having so much art clutter out of my house!  I have alot of supplies that I can not, or do not use, because I don't have them within reach, or have forgotten about them, or they are located in a place that is hard to get to.

My work table is on the glassed in is ok for many months of the year, but this year it went from being too cold, and fearing the paints would freeze, to too hot, and having them altered by the heat...not to mention the mess I become in a hot place.

Other times, I work on my kitchen table....about 3' wide and 2' deep...
Not enough space...

So I asked everyone I knew if they had a room I could rent.   I considered building a shed of my own, but the heat and the freeze would continue to be a problem...this needed to be a place that was safe for my equipment, and accessible and reasonably comfortable.
I dreamed that it would also be between my office and my home....which this is!

Tomorrow I get the key and we go over the terms of the agreement.
They will not take rent, but I can make a donation.
I will have the place to myself from October to May!  I can use the entire second floor.  I will have to dig out the door to get in during the winter, but I can manage that, and wear big boots!

I will have my own place to paint.  I still can not believe it is really happening.
I am lining up some helpers to move my supplies and chair and a couple of folding tables and some boxes.
I am thinking about shelves...something to hold my paints so I can see them....something to hold my collage materials so that they will be accessible....and something that can lock up the expensive paints that I do not want to walk off during the season when there are classes going on.

I am also aware of a pressure that I must now produce!  Art must flow from me!  I must make this all worth the effort!
I am grateful for this gift and I am looking forward to experiencing what it is like to have a space dedicated to creativity, and a space where it is OK to make a mess, and play.   Maybe, just maybe, I will learn something and produce something I like.


CDBaker2 said...

That, my dear Gertrude, is very good news indeed! I'm very happy for you!

Daisy Yellow said...

I tried to respond to your email but got an undeliverable -- on ig you are gogogerti, hope this helps!