Thursday, September 27, 2012

I am working on getting my materials and supplies moved in to my studio space.  I got the two big cabinets moved in this weekend with only one minor injury to the cabinet.  I went there this afternoon after work and brought up some canvases.  I still have a bunch more to bring over but I think tomorrow I can go there and work a bit on emptying the boxes, and maybe maybe maybe I will be able to pull out some paint.

It was a nice feeling to be there this evening and to not want to leave.  I was hungry and physically worn out from an active afternoon, and I forgot to take my medications this morning so I was also in pain.  But I wanted to stay; one of my fears has been that I would not like being alone and away from home.

I have yet to see if I can get an internet connection, if I can I could have Pandora playing while I work, or let something on Netflix play in the background.  It has been so long since I have had an uninterupted hour of painting, gluing and creating.

I am also thinking about putting together some supply packages to sell on etsy.  I have been wanting to sell a few things that I am not using, see if I can manage it with minimum stress.  But my focus is to paint, really put some time into finding out what I do.

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