Sunday, September 16, 2012

Moving In

I started moving in to the studio.  I have some inexpensive cabinets being out together at Lowe's and will pick up on Wed.  Right now I just have piles of boxes shoved under a table.

I hereby swear that I will glue down a significant portion of paper that I have held onto and dragged across town, and I will keep gluing until I have a manageable pile!  Lordy, I've got alot of paper!  Now I need to do something with it.

I am also going into the basement where I have quite a few boxes that I have not opened and I am not sure what supplies they might contain.  I suspect quite a few rubber stamps.

I need to paint.  I have not touched my collage materials in any significant way, all summer.

I did take an oil painting class with Wilson Bickford.  Doesn't that sound like a painter you would see on PBS? It was great fun.  I have not done oils since college (soooooo long ago) and it was fun to paint with a group and Wilson was very encouraging and had a nice sense of humor.

I learned two new techniques!  That was worth the price of the class in itself, but really, I just wanted to paint!  I have been stuck without the time and room for so long- I felt like I was going to pop.
And now that I have been going through my supplies, I am itching to get in and play.  I want to coptic bind a book.  I have been watching videos on the subject and I think I can do it.

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