Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Current Action In The Studio

 So I decided to play with my favorite things...glue, paint, newspaper.  I had this idea for the big yellow canvas but I wanted to try it out first before I committed to the canvas.  I like it...however...I am not sure if I should go inside the hand or outside the hand.  

I am leaning toward outside the hand.

 I am also working on my envelope book pieces.  I went through the collection and through out a bunch of them till I got five good envelopes - good for different reasons...good size, good labels and writing to cover up, good torn edges, good smooth edges.  I came to an amazing realization...I have a binding machine!
Two years ago Hubby gave me one from my Christmas wish list.
I thought I would bind bind bind bind bind bind bind.
I bound nothing.
You know how it have all these great plans and along comes life.

So I am thinking about this envelope project.  I want to upcycle these large envelopes I get all the time in the office.  I want to use them for art journal pages because they are cheap and I don't have to worry about ruining them if my art isn't any good....but I at some point I got stuck, stopped working on that project because I didn't know how to bind them.  They are envelopes and have an interior space, so I thought I could bind them like a book signature but really, with only one open end it really is more like
a single sheet of paper...
The binding machine is the answer!
I am looking forward to making my vision come through!
More on this project to come.

Now for something completely different.

This is a project I started many moons ago.  
I played with my favorite things...glue and newspapers...especially foreign newspapers.
I played with picking scraps and images intuitively from my piles and boxes.
So I am really fond of this very loose collage, but I don't know what to do next.
I am thinking I might just put a frame on it and be done with it.
But it just doesn't feel finished.
Again...we shall see.

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