Friday, October 5, 2012

October is Frog Season

Dear Mr. And Mrs. Frog,
Please ask your children to not sit in front of my steps at night. If there are delicious bugs in the area, please sit to the left side where I am least likely to step on them.
They are beautifully camouflaged by the way. I know you must be proud. I saw one that I thought was a leaf and another I thought was a rock.
I appreciate all you do around the house and expect our coexistence to continue happily. I just thought I should let you know the babies are putting themselves in harms way when it is dark and I am walking the four footed one that likes to put his nose on you (once in a while).
Please be assured I will always pick them up gently and move them to a safe place if it seems they have gotten into trouble.
All the best,