Tuesday, November 27, 2012

My Dog Ate My Art


My dog really did eat my index card a day!

I am so bummed.  I made it when I was just playing around, and it was not anything great, but I liked it and my dearest sweetest dog is addicted to paper and can't help himself.
My cat has to sit upon my art, especially when I am working on it, Murphy wants to eat it.
I have tried to get him into a twelve step program, but he doesn't think he has a problem.
See the heart in the middle?  That is from a security envelope I upcycled.  Got the idea from a friend who used them to make paper beads, and from Sarah Ahearn Bellmare, an artist I adore.

My friend who makes paper beads, is really a quilter and she asked me what it was about working with paper and found things, that I loved.
Well you might as well as me what makes me tick...why I am on this earth...what is the meaning of my life?
I don't have a clue.  But it seems for years and years and years, I have been gluing paper to things.  I remember my first decoupage (summer camp around 11 years old - I think I have it somewhere) I thought it was magical.  I remember making these big posterboards, that my older cousin showed me.  They were friendship boards - you cut out words and cool images that your friend would like and you put them all down on a big piece of poster board and if you were really cool, you would have some glitter to add, or in a pinch a few drops of glitter nail polish here and there.
Then came scrap books of photos, flyers, newspaper clippings.  Then came The Book of Happiness!

Yes, that's right, I wrote the Book of Happiness.
Well, I started a scrap book that was going to be dedicated to recording things that made me happy.  I was going to toss stuff in there and not care what order it was in, or if I put something in once a day or once a month.  I was going to document only things that made me happy (I had a tendency to dwell on the things that made me unhappy, so this was the beginning of an antidote aka Attitude Adjustment.)
Well, as it turns out, and as you may have already surmised, what I had started was my first Art Journal.
I didn't know there was such a thing then.

I would also take it to parties and friends would play in it and leave me drawings and notes reminding me of my good fortune to have such lovely people in my life.

OK, got to get up and get to work.
Hope you all are finding something you can call Happiness today.

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CDBaker2 said...

Today, happiness is dough. Pie dough. Bread dough. Pizza dough. I've handled so much dough over the past 24 hours that I'm considering changing my name to Pillsbury, or King Arthur, or Hecker's or Gold Medal.