Monday, November 12, 2012

The Joy of Newsprint

I am crazy about this image. I was doing these faux silk screen prints and made a great cardinal that I used a couple times but this one has been sitting around in a drawer, waiting to be used, for a while.

You can see it was printed on newsprint which is my favorite art supply. I laugh at all the materials I have to choose from and I love newsprint best.  I can not get enough foreign language newspapers up here. I squirrel away a couple pages of Chinese newsprint from years ago in NYC and another that I think is Arabic.

One newspaper will do me for many many projects.  There is a small Chinese grocery in town and I should check them out for newsprint.

I had to clean up my space to make room for a watercolor class to come in and use the room.
My dear friend helped me.  She kept me company, and helped me shove things into the cabinets and puzzle piece all the things I had out on the tables.
Sometimes having too many supplies is not a good thing.  It can be overwhelming and frustrating when you know you want a big stamp or some kind of mark maker - and it is buried in among the other supplies.  
If you are forced to use what you have, and what you have is limited, it can help stretch your imagination and creativity.
I love the Index Card A Day (ICAD) project because we do so much with so little.

I also like that newsprint is free.

This is the most recent ICAD

This is a card I made for my Mom.

This is a piece I started to experiment with the technique of using the newspaper around
the negative space.  I am moving forward with this technique on the big canvas piece.

This is a section of an all paper collage, no paint.  I have been sitting around wondering if this is done... think it is.  I like it just the way it is. 

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Wendy @ the Late Start Studio said...

I love your use of newspaper and it set me wondering about other cheap/free resources. I like using old phone books . . . the names are interesting.