Friday, January 4, 2013

Where is Art?

I have not been in the studio for the month of December.
I had some traveling to do, and of course the Christmas - New Year list of things to do and people to see...
But I did work on a calendar for my mother.
Last year I made one for her out of watercolor paper that I bound together, and she LOVED it.
And I loved it and I loved that it made her think of me whenever she used it (she did not want to use it at first, she just wanted to look at it).
So this year, I got a mixed media art journal (prebound) and glued pages together for sturdiness, and used my trustee Pitt pens and drew a calendar for her.
Getting the spacing correct, across two pages was a work out, but once I got a template correct, I went from there and the fun part started when I could fill in the blank days on a page with doodles and quotations and pictures of beloved family members (two legged and four legged).

"For my part I know nothing with any certainty, but the sight of the stars makes me dream."
Vincent Van Gogh

"The way to know life is to love many things"
Vincent Van Gogh

There are not enough hours in the day for me to make art.  For the most part I live at my office, stamping and sealing and making things better for people I hardly know. 

I am very good at my job, but I don't always like it...mostly because I resent that it takes my time from things I would rather be doing or people I would rather be spending time with.  On top of that, the people I work for do not believe that the person in my position should be paid a living wage....but don't get me started on that...
You may say..."then get another job"
And I would tell you that since 2006 I have been sending out resumes.  I have lost count of how many resumes, but I can tell you that I have only had two interviews.  I got the job after both interviews, but the job market is such that there are few jobs for people with management careers, and those jobs there are can be filled with people who are younger and want to be paid less.  Hasn't that been the story for generations?
For those of you that don't know I had five jobs up till yesterday.
I quite two of them yesterday when I was told I would not be paid what I was expecting to be paid.
It was not done out of meanness, but it was poor communication, so here I am at the end of my year, turning in 32.5 hours to be paid for, and I will only be paid for 14.5.
So I turned in a letter of resignation.
My time with my family and my time looking for another job, is more valuable.
I am angry and disappointed but I won't hold a grudge. 

I still have two other part time jobs and my full time job.
And without those two part time jobs, maybe I can get alittle more time in my studio!
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CDBaker2 said...

Oh, I'm feeling you on the "my god but this job is getting in the way of my life" experience, Gert. I got a big dose of that over the holidays because I was doing so much baking and writing that filled me with a joy my job couldn't touch with a pole that was 9 A.U.s long. Sigh.