Saturday, April 20, 2013


11/4/2012  I was making these only glazed paintings with bits of old book pages, tissue, and other odds and ends. I liked them a lot and even showed two in an art show this summer. It was a learning experience - isn't that what we say when we are unhappy with what we went through, but learned how to do it differently next time?  (or not to do it at all)

I have had my studio now for six months and I have had many adventures and experiments.  Ideally, I would like to have it attached to my home so that I could pad out there any time of day or night in my pajamas and get my hands in the paint...but believe you me...I am happy to have a wide open place to work on a number of things at once and to be able to leave my stuff out when I am done, and a place to store my stuff when I do need to put it away...

The piece at the top of the page - I know it does not look like much - is actually getting used now.  I am creating a collaged, crazy quilt type piece (I think) out of spirit card papers.  I finally got my 110lb index paper (and when you buy it by the case it does in fact weight 110lbs - another learning experience).

I have rarely had two days in a row at the studio.  When I have, I have felt very productive...
Getting there is tough.  Staying there is not.  Three and four hours will fly by and I will find myself leaving because the rest of my life requires attention, not because I want to leave.

All this talk makes me want to get dressed and go.  I also have 400 pounds of laundry to do.  OK, the first thing is to close the lap top and do SOMETHING.  
till later - G

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