Thursday, May 2, 2013

Weather Wonderland

Day 2 above 70 degrees.
Since I moved north, I have had to work on my preconceived notion that Spring should mean the world gets warm.  In the northern parts of the US along the Canadian border, it does get warmer but it does not get warm in Spring.

Warmer -  for me is 55-75.  We have been lingering in the 35-45 range with brief interruptions of 70degrees which sent us all over the edge and made March a very cranky month.

When we get that hint of warm...everyone gives up their hard core Northern NY facade and is suddenly done with winter....officially!
This morning it is very sunny and warm enough for me to sit on the screened in porch with a jacket on.
Murphy is sitting in a sunbeam...glowing serenely and beautifully.

My nephew is training in the Navy.  I wake up in the morning and wonder if he is already up and running or swimming or jumping through obstacles....He is west coast and I am east coast.  So it is about 4am where he is as I am running around getting dressed.  It makes me take my "poor pitiful me" thoughts and put them in a closet, because he is working 50 times harder than I ever have.  It is his dream and I support him with my whole heart.  I also fear that the military will stomp out his bright, loving light - His sister won't let that happen; they are two peas in a pod.  Plus... the Navy does NOT want to tangle with his mother.  She has been managing retail for several decades and knows a thing or two about hand to hand combat.

May 2, 2013 - Later that week.
We are hitting 70 for four days in a row now.  Walked my furry baby without a coat on last night.  I am looking forward to the fireflies coming out again.  Saw one in a spider web the other day and tried to save it.  I learned that there are daytime fireflies that do not light up...did you flireflies are not flies?  they are beetles.

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