Friday, October 11, 2013

Hello Again...

It has been a long long time since I put words on paper for my poor nearly forgotten blog.

I am living with my mother who needs some assistance.  I will go with her to Louisiana in November and I will stay for a few months while I try to help her organize her home there, and maybe get some reliable assistance, do a little house cleaning, etc.

Though I am worried about Mom, my stress levels are way down and my activity levels have gone way up.
I am discovering who I am when I am not living for someone else's goals and schedule and not in charge of the happiness of hundreds of residents, or patients, or clients.

I am glad my activity levels have gone up, I am surprised to find I am running around doing more almost everyday than when I was working behind a desk.

Princess Zsa Zsa
This is good because I want to improve my health, energy and stamina as well as reduce my general circumference.
Because my Mom is needing some assistance, I have left my job and with the help of my dear husband, I have been spending most of my time with Mom at the lake house.

This has been a blessing.  I have not been able to spend more than a week at the camp in years and I have wanted to be with my mother to give her the assistance she needs.  Living here has given me lots of time outside and the ability to watch the Summer glow and the Autumn move in.  With the leaves coming down off the trees, we have more sunshine just when we need it most.  These cool nights and not too warm days are some of the best weather of year.

Dear Husband has gotten a new Kitten....after a few false starts, she is now known as Cleo, for Cleopatra the regal queen.
Cleo 2.0
(My dear sister had a cat named Cleo for many many years and Mom brought Cleo into her home till the end of her life.  Cleo was also an all black, slinky cat and a mighty huntress.
Now we have Cleo 2.0)

She has had a rough beginning in life - she was dropped off at a Vet's office with a note that said she lived under a shed until someone was able to get her inside, then a dog came over with a family member and scared her outside where she got pregnant and had kittens.  When we got her from the ASPCA her tummy was still shaved from being spayed and her breasts were still enlarged from feeding kittens.  She was scared and seemed kind of stunned by all the change that had occurred in her life over the month.  The kittens were separated from her, and she was sooooooooo skinny.  She is still skinny, she is still scared, but she has totally bonded with Dear Husband.  If I look at her she freezes and considers running.  If he gets her in his arms, she snuggles down into the crook of his arm.
We have been watching the show My Cat from Hell and I am in love with Jackson Galaxy.  I bought DH a T-shirt from his store, he does not know about it yet.
Jackson Galaxy - The Cat Daddy
We have been catifying the house so both girls have comfortable places to feel safe and I am beginning Play Therapy with them so that they know being with people and each other is fun and a good thing.
We have only had Cleo for three weeks and she is making great strides.
I am also being careful to give Zsa Zsa her love and make sure my Number One Son - Murphy does not feel abandoned.

Zsa Zsa and Murphy are both sleeping in my mother's room while we help Cleo adjust.
Tonight all three of them were in the living room and I played with the feather on a string (also known as Da-Bird) and both kitties were civil...most of the time.  Murphy just stays out of their way.

OK...more updates soon.
Got to hit the hay.....busy busy busy!
Murphy on the lake - my perfect companion